At ERCC we understand that not everyone likes the same food or eats at the same time. Our friendly and helpful dietary staff provide a variety of dining options to ensure that our residents have a variety of choices when it comes to choosing what and when to eat.

Our Consulting Dietician works with the Dietary Staff to monitor calorie intake and weight to ensure people remain healthy and properly nourished during their time at ERCC. Certain medical conditions require special diets including low-sodium, low fat, gluten-free, and allergy sensitive, which are monitored daily by our staff.

The newly remodeled restaurant-style main Dining Room is a place where residents may come together to enjoy a meal and stimulating conversation with friends. The variety of entrees and sides at each meal has proven to be exceptionally popular among residents. Combining the food choices and the uplifting atmosphere, residents feel as though they are at an upscale dining venue.

We offer our residents a two-hour dining window for each meal so they are able to choose when they would like to eat. Additionally we provide snacks three times a day in our activities areas or in individual rooms if requested.

In 2017, ERCC was the recipient of a generous donation of a player grand piano. This piano, located in the Dining Room, may be played manually or remotely. Various styles of piano music add to the ambiance and overall dining experience. In addition, the piano is used throughout the year for concerts, recitals, and candlelight services.

Additionally, an 1850 oak pump organ was donated to ERCC in 2021 by Anthony V. “Chip” Rettzo II, retired piano tuner for ERCC. Along with the piano, the pump organ is used for concerts, recitals, and other special occasions.