Testing Status

Updated April 28, 2020


Statement on Recommendations For Reopening Of Facility 5/19/20

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has released recommendations for the staged reopening of nursing homes. State and local officials will provide guidance as well as a timeline and procedures for this reopening. After we have received this guidance, we will move forward under the utmost caution and will post updates as they become available. As always, the health and safety of our residents and staff is our top priority.

No Active COVID-19 Cases at Facility Updated 5/18/20

We want to assure everyone in the community that there are currently no active cases of COVID-19 among staff or residents at the facility. We continue to follow safety procedures in compliance with CMS and OHFLAC and out of an abundance of caution. We would like to thank the community for its continued support.

Statement by Residents Council President Stanley Gould Updated 5/18/20

We have had a good National Nursing Home Week despite the Corona Virus Pandemic. Thanks goes out to Activities, Administrator, and everybody’s help in trying to keep us busy as well as being safe during this pandemic. My Hat is off to everyone involved. The pandemic has affected everyone. As far as I can see, the residents are in great shape. Keep safe and God Bless You All!

Statement on COVID-19 Test Results for All Residents and Staff Updated 4/28/20

The results for all COVID-19 testing at the facility have been returned and we are pleased to announce that they are all negative. The testing was done in accordance with Governor Jim Justice’s Executive Order. The testing was administered by ERCC administrative nursing staff and members of the West Virginia National Guard. All resident Medical Powers of Attorney have been notified of the results.

Statement on Completion of Facility-Wide Testing Updated 4/24/20

All 98 of ERCC’s residents and 158 staff members were tested for COVID-19 in accordance with Governor Jim Justice’s executive order. Test results should be returned within the next 2-3 days. Nursing staff will notify by phone all resident Medical Powers of Attorney of the results. Please contact Tara Shaver, Administrator, or Kelly Channell, Infection Preventionist, at 304.636.1391 if you have any questions or concerns.

Statement on Facility-Wide Testing Per Governor Jim Justice’s Executive Order
Updated 4/21/20

In accordance with West Virginia Governor Jim Justice’s executive order on April 17, all Elkins Rehabilitation & Care Center residents will be tested for COVID-19 Thursday, April 23 by ERCC nursing staff. This is being done out of an abundance of caution. There are no active COVID-19 cases at ERCC. The testing is being conducted in order to provide the safest possible environment for our residents and staff. Our residents’ health is our number one priority. The testing is also being done to provide West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources officials with valuable information and to determine what level of Personal Protective Equipment ERCC will need at the facility. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Tara Shaver, Administrator, or Kelly Channell, Infection Preventionist at 304-636-1391 before Thursday.

Governor’s Executive Order: All Residents And Staff Members at Every Long-Term Care Facility To Be Tested
Updated 4/17/20

Elkins Rehabilitation & Care Center’s number one priority is the health of our residents and there have been no active COVID-19 cases at ERCC. Every resident’s temperature is checked daily and every employee’s temperature is taken at the beginning of their shift. Out of an abundance of caution, Governor Jim Justice has issued an Executive Order that every resident and staff member at ALL long-term care facilities be tested or re-tested for COVID-19. All visitation at the facility remains suspended and limited access is granted to essential personnel and families of those in the dying process. We look forward to working with the WV DHHR and the National Guard in implementing this facility-wide testing to further protect our residents and staff. Anyone with questions may contact Kelly Channell, RN, Infection Preventionist, or Tara Shaver, RN, Administrator, at 304.636.1391.

Statement from Administrator Tara Shaver

To the Families of ERCC Residents, After 4 ½ weeks, we are enduring this COVID-19 crisis very well. All employees have put forth a tremendous team effort to ensure that our residents remain cared for and comfortable under these difficult circumstances. The Activities Department staff continually encourages residents and strives to keep them engaged through various activities. Many window visits have occurred on a daily basis while other residents keep in touch with family through phone calls and Skyping. Most residents are very upbeat and

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Prevention Measures:
Updated 4/3/20

As the number of cases in Randolph and surrounding counties and in West Virginia continue to grow, we are continuing to make preparations to best serve and protect our residents and employees. At this time we have designated our Rehab Unit as our COVID-19 Unit for any residents that may need isolated for 14 – 21 days. These residents will be cared for by designated and specific staff members. The goal is to prevent any potential spread of COVID-19 throughout the facility should any residents in isolation develop COVID-19 symptoms or ultimately test positive for COVID-19.

At this time, we do NOT have any COVID-19 positive residents or employees.  This is ONLY a PRECAUTIONARY MEASURE to protect all of our residents and employees.

What we have put in place are Prevention Measures as a safeguard to protect residents, staff, and families. Our residents’ health is always our top priority. Due to President Trump’s declaration of a National Emergency on March 13 regarding the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), and following CDC and CMS recommendations, we have suspended all visitation until further notice. Access to the facility will be limited to essential personnel and for certain compassionate care situations, such as an end-of-life situation.

Currently, ERCC is considering inpatient admissions on a day-to-day basis. Outpatient therapy appointments have been postponed until further notice. We will not be conducting interviews for open positions for at least two weeks and there will be no new hires for that same period of time.

Has been addressed in four ways –
1. Family members may contact the facility at 304.636.1391 and ask to speak to the nurse caring for their loved one. An update on your loved one will be given over the phone. Also, you may ask to have the portable phone be taken to your loved one to speak with them;
2. If your loved one has a smart phone available with FaceTime, you may call them to FaceTime with them;
3. Skype – Has been set up in two ERCC locations. Please call the facility at 304.636.1391 and ask to speak with your loved one’s nurse. Request that you would like to Skype with your loved one. The nurse will direct staff to take your loved one to the appropriate Skype location. Contact your resident through Skype using the email addresses below:
a. Intermediate (non-Rehab) Resident – Use
b. Rehab Unit Resident – Use
4. Window Visits – Window Visits with your loved one may be scheduled by calling 304.636.1391. Family members will be outside their loved one’s window and communicate with them via a portable telephone.

Kelly Channell, RN, Infection Preventionist, 304.636.1391, Ext. 249.

Governor Jim Justice’s Executive Order Closing Non-Essential Businesses

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Statement by Resident Council President Stanley Gould on CoronaVirus Pandemic

“We all are affected by it; and we need to work together so that it will not be a long ongoing virus. It is hard being separated from family members and friends: but remember, together we can whip this! I feel we are being taken care of very well. We want to put our family members’ minds to rest; and not have them worry about us. I would like to thank the Rehab staff, Rebecca Hitt, FNP, doctors, & nursing staff for their care; dietary staff for meals, maintenance for keeping things running, activity staff for providing us with socialization inside– and entertainment, Environmental Services staff for keeping our rooms disinfected, and Administration for keeping us informed of what is happening and what they are trying to do. Mrs. Tara Shaver, Administrator, has been on top of this from day one. As President of Resident Council we are West Virginia, we WILL get through this before you know it with God’s help.”