Worrying about where to place a loved one when they need additional care is difficult enough; finding a way to finance that care can be even more difficult. We are dedicated to helping you find the most cost-effective way to pay for a loved one’s time with us. Below we list a variety of options for financing a stay at our facility.

For further details about financing options, call today to schedule a meeting with our Admissions Team: 304-636-1391.


The federal Medicare Program may pay for an individual’s stay if certain guidelines are met. These funds may be used for short- or long-term treatment up to 100 days, including skilled nursing services and monitoring for certain conditions. ERCC works with Medicare HMO and PPO Programs as well. For more information about eligibility, visit:


Some residents may qualify for the state of West Virginia’s Medicaid Program. The local Department of Health and Human Resources office determines the appropriate share for an individual. For more information, visit:

Private Pay

Some individuals may choose to be billed monthly in advance for their room and board with ancillary charges billed at the end of each month. Ancillary charges include such things as Therapy Co-Pays and Medical Supplies such as dressings, syringes, nutritional supplements, incontinence supplies, bed alarms, chair alarms, and WanderGuard charges. Necessary prescriptions may be billed to insurance companies while residents are responsible for co-payments.


HMO eligibility and coverage must be verified by our Billing Department when a referral is received. Some HMOs require a prior authorization before admission to a facility. Each HMO plan is different and families/potential residents will be updated as we verify eligibility and coverage.

Private Insurance

Benefits from private insurance depend on the individual policy. Our staff stays up-to-date on the latest programs and can help work with you, your family and your provider to maximize benefits as they best apply.

VA Contract (Veterans Administration)

Any person interested in coming to ERCC on a VA Contract must contact their local VA office to determine eligibility for a nursing home contract. If an individual is eligible, admission would proceed in the same manner as all other admissions.