Valentine’s Day King and Queen

Christmas with Molly

Christmas Gifts 

Christmas 2020, Candlelight Service

Church Services

Campfires with Friends

Words of WV Wisdom

A Picnic in the Reflections Unit

Absentee Voting, 2020

Fall Festival, 2020 

Old Brick Playhouse’s First Day Back to the Reflection Unit, 2020 

Making Tie-Dyes

Scarecrow Contest, 2020

Deck the Halls, Christmas Decor 2020

National Nursing Home Week, 2020 

Halloween Fun, 2020

Walk to End Alzheimer’s, 2020 

Messages of Thanks on Thanksgiving 

Arts and Crafts

Twig Art

Mr. and Mrs. Williams 60th Wedding Anniversary

Words of Wisdom

Time for S’Mores

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Beating the Heat 

Jeanne Hart’s 90th Birthday Celebration

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National Nursing Home Week 2020: Old Brick Sing Along

National Nursing Home Week 2020: Country Fair and Carnival

National Nursing Home Week 2020: Wacky Thursday

National Nursing Home Week 2020: Visit from Elvis

National Nursing Home Week 2020: Country Day

National Nursing Home Week 2020: Recipes From The Past

National Nursing Home Week 2020: Day At The Hop

National Nursing Home Week 2020: Tie-Dye Day

National Nursing Home Week 2020: Mother’s Day Treats

Mother’s Day Messages

Cupcakes and Punch at ERCC

Activities At ERCC

Employee Appreciation Banner Presentation

Easter Cards to Families

Beauty Shop Days

A Day At The Range

Jackie and Lola Sharp’s 53rd Wedding Anniversary Window Visit

Messages to Family

Hallway Bingo

Window Visits

National Nursing Home Week 2019

Old Brick Playhouse 2018

13th Annual Christmas Candlelight Service

Old Brick Playhouse 2017

Cass Trip 2017

Tie Die Day 2017

Summer Fun Day 2017

Easter Party 2017

Turtle Man 2017

Mission Kids Group from Virginia 2017

St. Patrick’s Day 2017

S’mores Fun 2017

Nina Sabos Birthday 2017

Ramp Dinner 2017

Jim Costs Award 2017

Staff Service Project 1st Quarter 2017

Valentine’s Day Ball 2017

2016 Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

Ice Cream Social

Linda Zimmer Retirement

West Virginia’s 150th Birthday

Jack Gibbons Special Concert

Easter 2015

Unit 2 Ribbon Cutting 2014

Rehabilitation Ribbon Cutting 2014

Groundbreaking Ceremony 2014

Veteran’s Day 2013

Ultimate Mountaineer – Stanley Gould

Nursing Home Week 2013

Fourth of July 2013